Monday, September 13, 2010

Digital Soaps [Review] and Giveaway

I bet you’ve never heard that word before.  Me neither, until I asked my boyfriend for help starting out this review.  I just couldn’t think of a good way to start off that would grab people's’ attention and also be relevant to Digital Soaps.  So he told me to think of one word that describes the soap.
I said, “Geekalicious.”  And I totally think it fits.

From the Website

 "Fight viruses and malicious spyware with original geeky soaps. From Xbox replica soaps that smell like Mountain Dew, to Wiimote, PlayStation, SEGA and NES replica soaps, DigitalSoaps offers an attractive soap to improve every gamer’s stink-to-clean ratio.

Committed to using only high quality ingredients, our mission is a Level 3 Quest to drench the gaming community in clean."

My Thoughts
Chrystal Doucette was generous enough to send me three different soaps to review: a Mountain Dew type-scented NES controller, A Green Apple candy-scented Xbox 360 controller, and Blackberry-scented Tetris soaps.
IMG_2018I don’t know what Chrystal does to make these, but she does it damn well!  These soaps look very close to an NES controller or Xbox 360 controller.  The colors are very vibrant and almost exactly like their counterparts. 
IMG_2028      I love the different colors of the Tetris soaps! I also liked that they were partially see-through.  When light shines through them, they almost seem to glow.

I didn’t have an NES controller handy, but check out this pic I snapped of the Xbox 360 controllers! 


I was pretty excited to see what the Mountain Dew-type scented soap would smell like.  Since I saw it on the site, I kept wondering if it would actually resemble Mountain Dew.
The short answer is, it does.  Honestly, it’s not my favorite.  I used to really like Mountain Dew but I don’t drink it anymore.  This soap smells like it, but BigJones and I aren’t Mountain Dew fans, so we would probably never get it again (if there were a Monster Energy scent, though…).
The Green Apple Candy and Blackberry scents are absolutely awesome, though! You can smell it through the plastic packaging, but the scent isn’t overwhelming when you take the wrapping off.  And the best part is, I can still smell the lingering scent on my skin throughout the day, but again, it’s not overwhelming.

How did it hold up in the shower?  I always worry about my skin feeling too dry once I’m out of the shower.  Frankly, it just sucks.  But the soap from Digital Soaps really, really impressed me!  Not only did I feel like a total geeky gamer girl washing myself with an NES controller, but the soap left my skin feeling moisturized inside the shower and out.  It didn’t leave that sticky yet dry feeling that some soaps do. 

We’ve been using the Tetris soaps to wash our hands (because they work so well for that since they’re small) and they’ve been working great!  And they seem to last forever…we haven’t yet gone through one Tetris piece, and the couple we’ve been using don’t seem to be getting any smaller.  Suspicious…
Another plus is that Digital Soaps is committed to only using high-quality, vegan products to make the soap.  A list of ingredients can be found here.

As I said before: These soaps are Geekilicious.  So geekilicious, in fact, that I made up the word “geekilicious” just for this post.  To be honest, I haven't even used the Xbox 360 controller soap; it's sitting on display for our geeky friends!  These soaps would be absolutely awesome as a gift, but trust me, you’d probably be tempted to keep them for yourself!

Buy It!
You can buy controller soaps, cartridge soaps, console soaps, Mountain Dew shampoo and conditioner, Tetris soaps, and much more from or the Digital Soap Etsy shop!  Also, Chrystal has a promotion running right now where you can save 25% off your order on by entering the code PS3PLAYER, XBPLAYER, or WIIPLAYER!


Chrystal of Digital soaps has generously offered one (1) of my readers their choice of soap from the website or Etsy shop! (excluding gift sets) 

To enter, click here to go to the giveaway post!

**Disclosure** I was given free products from Digital Soaps for the purpose of this review.  However, all opinions are my own and are 100% honest, as always!


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