Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Halo: Reach Day! [Plus a Deal!]

Halo: Reach Day?  Yup!  Today marks the much-anticipated release of the next game in Bungie's Halo series.

Actually, Halo: Reach Day was yesterday for BigJones and me...we preordered it through Walmart online, and lo and behold, it showed up at our doorstep around 5pm yesterday.  Needless to say we were pretty pumped. Unfortunately, I couldn't really play because I have a ton of homework *grumble grumble*, but from what I saw of BigJones and the friends he inevitably invited over, it's awesome!

Okay, on to the deal I know you all are waiting for...

If you didn't preorder Reach and you're willing to wait a few days, head on over to Newegg.com to get Halo: Reach for $49.99 + free shipping (normally $59.99).  You have to enter code EMCYXZR62, but it's listed right there on the page for you! 

This deal ends 9/15 (tomorrow!), so jump on it now if you want Reach!

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  1. It's a pretty sweet game. Forge is HUGE. (Yes, I was one of the people invited over :P)

    If only I had an X-Box 360, I'd totally check out that deal...


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